Yes, it may give us the permit to experience the most wonderful feeling in the world but in the middle or end of it, there will be always that one, or two or even more than that, time when you’ll realize that being in love is stressful and hurtful most of the time and what’s worse is it gives you the feeling of losting yourself. There you’ll realize that being out of love is better, being single is yet the best decision you’ll ever make. Then again, there is no us without love. Love is powerful and the Earth, the sun, the stars and all of the living things on Earth can explain why is that. Love is indeed a game that will turn your whole world upside down. There are losers in it, and probably winners. But when we are goin’ to play it right, everything would be fair. There is the application. When there are troubles, there will be always peace afterwards or let’s just say it in a simpler way: There’s always a rainbow after the rain. If we are patient enough to wait for our turn, it is rest assured that God will reward us for the things that we deserve to have.


The heart is fragile. When it hurts, everything hurts. When it’s broken, everything’s broken. But love like any other treasure on earth is a temporary gift. We only enjoy its warmth in a specific time. When your love story doesn’t end the way you want it to end, look ahead. The sun won’t stop shining for you. Leave the broken pieces to where it should be and treat yourself right. No matter how the hurt haunts you, be braver than the pain that can swallow your happiness. That broken heart will take you somewhere happier, somewhere worth the smiles that you are wishing, somewhere worth the love you are giving. You don’t wanna dwell in your broken heart and forbid your heart to experience the wonders that are waiting ahead of you. Keep moving forward. Fix yourself up, ready the heart and clear your sights after every heartbreak because you need to have a clearer path ahead. And when you’ve finally taken your distance from the bad that you’ve been, don’t look back for self-pity. Look back just so you know how strong have you been and how strong can you become. Like life, love is a learning process. We get hurt all the time because that’s the very essence of it. Remember love is a sacrifice. It is not on how love always favor you but on how love challenge your boundaries. To be able to keep the heart beating inspite and despite of all the disgusts and failures you can have along the way. In the end, it’s how we always learn. Letting go is never easy, but you can’t stay in a place where you can only keep the heart aching. Be fair to what you deserve as nobody can play it fair for yourself better than you do. It’s okay to mourn, but don’t dwell so long in its chamber that you might miss that one true love you really deserve.

And when you’ve headed so distant from all the memories that hurts you, make sure that at the time you can look back, you sure can put on a smile on your face and just laugh at the bad memories and not looking back just to hurt yourself more.


Who you use to be
Used to be
Everything to me

But now everything
Just seems to be
So lost to me

I’m lost, you’re free
So it would seem
The only one losing is me


Life is not all about the blooming flowers, the rainbow after a storm, the birds that freely soar or the grasses that dances with the wind. Life is also bout the fallen leaves, the withering blossoms, the darkness of the night, the rust on the rooftop. It is about the tiny you that dreams, that dares to become that special being, that spends a lot of courage to win a day chasing for a beautiful horizon. We are all in crowd of trash who fights for a special place. We recycle ourselves so we become worthy of the chances we are given. It’s about the humble grounds we stand at that makes us feel how real life is. It is a crowded world where winning has become irrelevant. Where standing out needs popularity. Where getting hired on a job needs more connection than real intelligence. Where giving your best is not enough to get you to the top. Where insecurity reigns over a prideful heart. The fancies are drawn in dreams but the real action comes when we open our eyes. And it is a tough battle. We get a feel of what’s nasty so we learn more about goodness. We get to blend in a crowd so we know what makes us stand out and get more self-recognition. We get to play filthy and ruthless so we know what mercy is all about. We get a dose of losing so we appreciate victory even in its smallest form. We need not a rust-free rooftop to weave a beautiful dream coz we all share the same vast sky that welcomes our hopes and wishes and schemes and amazing visions of getting there. Yes the world is made out of dirty games, of broken promises, of hate and injustice, of unfair rules, of nasty people. But winning everything just needs a heart that believes, a mind that’s creative and a spirit that’s free to fly. Above all, winning needs more humility - mkncs

My Dearest lyric


So, everything that makes me whole
Ima kimi ni sasageyou
I’m yours

Nee, konna ni waraeta koto
Umarete hajimete da yo
Kitto watashi wa ne
Kono hi no tame ni machigai darake no
Michi wo aruite kitanda
Zutto hitori de

Tooku tooku doko made mo tooku kimi to futari
Te wo totte eien ni
Doko made datte ikeru hazu
Mou hitori janakute to
Kimi wa sou ii mata warau

Mamoru beki daiji na mono ga ima atte
Dakedo nasusube mo naku tachitsukusu toki wa
Kanousei wo ushinatte kurayami ga kimi wo
Ooi kakushi zetsubo ni nomikomare sou na toki wa

Watashi ga kimi wo terasu akari ni naru kara
Tatoe kono sekai no ou ni datte kese wa shinai
So, everything that makes me whole
Ima kimi ni sasageyou
I’m yours

Nee, kono sekai ni wa takusan no
Shiawase ga arunda ne
Itsuka futari nara

Dareka ga kimi no koto usotsuki to yonde
Kokoro nai kotoba de kizutsuke you to shite mo
Sekai ga kimi no koto wo shinji you to sezu ni
Ibara no kanmuri wo kabuseyou toshite mo

Watashi wa kimi dake no mikata ni nareru yo
Sono kodoku itami wo watashi wa shitteiru
So, everything that makes me whole
Ima kimi ni sasageyou
Ah, I’m yours

Itsuka watashi wo shiru
Koto ga dekita nara
Kanarazu sono basho ni
Watashi wa iru kara

Soko ni kibou no kakera
Suranakatta toshite mo
Watashi ga atte wa
Naranai mono de atte mo

Kimi wa wasurenai de ite kureru koto wo
Dare yori mo watashi ga sono koto wo shitteru
Dakara watashi wa kimi no tame ni
Subete wo ima sasagou



— Jadi, segalanya yang membuatku utuh
— Sekarang, ku kan memberikannya padamu
— Aku milikmu

— Hey, ini pertama kalinya sejak ku lahir
— Aku mampu tertawa seperti ini
— Aku yakin
— Ku berjalan di jalan yang dipenuhi dengan kesalahan
— Hanya demi hari ini
— Seluruhnya oleh diriku

— Jauh, jauh sekali, sejauh mata melihat
— Bersama denganmu dan memegang tanganmu
— Kita kan pergi kemanapun selamanya
— Jadi katakan, “Kau tak sendirian lagi”
— Dan tertawalah

— Itu sesuatu yang penting yang harus kau lindungi sekarang
— Tapi ketika kau tak berdaya dan pasrah
— Ketika kau kehilangan kekuatanmu, Kegelapan memudarkanmu
— Dan kau tertelan keputus-asaan

— Karena ku kan menjadi cahaya yang menyinarimu
— Bahkan Raja Dunia pun bisa kuserahkan
— Jadi, segalanya yang membuatku utuh
— Sekarang ku kan memberikannya padamu
— Aku milikmu

— Hey, ada banyak kebahagiaan di dunia ini
— Jika kita bersama suatu hari nanti,

— Jika seseorang menyebutmu pembohong
— Dan mencoba tuk melukaimu dengan kata-kata menyakitkan
— Jika dunia mencoba tuk memakaikanmu mahkota duri
— Tanpa mencoba tuk mempercayaimu

— Aku kan disisimu dan tak ada orang lain
— Aku tahu kesepian dan kesakitanmu
— Jadi, segalanya membuatku utuh
— Sekarang ku kan memberikannya padamu
— Ah, Aku milikmu

— Karena jika kau bisa
— Mengerti diriku suatu hari nanti
— Lalu ku dengan pasti
— Ada di tempat itu

— Bahkan pecahan harapan ada disana
— Jika aku sesuatu yang tak ada

— Kau tak akan melupakanku
— Aku tahu itu lebih baik dari orang lain lakukan
— Jadi, sekarang, aku kan berikan segalanya
— Demi dirimu

9 Tips To Help You Focus When Studying


1. Get Rid of Distractions 

This should be pretty obvious right? But actually, it’s not. We often get distracted without realizing that we already are. Once distracted, we engage in the new task and we don’t pay attention to what we were originally supposed to do. 

Instead, to get rid of distractions, identify what distract you and then take proactive measures to not let them distract you again. For example, if it’s the internet, television or people, then you might want to consider studying at the library. 

However, sometimes distractions can be thoughts that are intrusive. For instance, thoughts stemming from anxieties or worries. If this is the case, there is only so much you can do about them. You can try seeking professional help, dealing with the cause of anxiety or worries, or doing your best to distract yourself from those thoughts. 

2. Avoid Procrastinating 

Sometimes, we don’t begin on the task because we are already distracted. If this happens, put the distractions away and tell yourself that you will start the task for 5 minutes straight. Generally, you should find that the 5 minutes is enough to motivate you to continue, but if it doesn’t, then you may want to consider re-evaluating what’s important to you or what’s really keeping you from starting. 

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